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All About Us

E Solutions & MUT

Most manufacturing equipment is less than 50% utilized.  E Solutions is passionate about helping manufacturers improve efficiency and recapture this hidden capacity.  We leverage decades of experience to create solutions that are easily deployed, work on any machine, and are cost effective.

Our IIoT device, Machine Utilization Tracker or MUT, is used on all types of manufacturing machines and equipment.  The MUT monitors machine usage that gets measured and efficiency improvements are made.

The company focuses on overcoming barriers to data collection especially by machines that do not have data output mechanisms.  The data is presented in a simple, real-time format so that shop floor managers can improve machine utilization. Our customers describe how they managed only by observation or intuition before deploying Machine Utilization Trackers (MUTs).    Once MUTs are deployed, actionable data is provided and better management decisions are made.