Help Your Manufacturing Team Thrive

Create real-time awareness and achieve significantly higher capacity with the Machine Utilization Tracker

Do you have unexpected down time?

Lengthy Setups

Why is the machine not running when expected?


Is everyone focused on efficiency?

Process Bottlenecks

Are production slow downs impacting deliverables?

Job Shop - High Production - Press- Stamping

Manufacturers struggle to eliminate unexpected downtime and run below 50% of their production capacity.  The Machine Utilization Tracker creates real-time awareness that increases production output enabling manufacturers to achieve significantly higher capacity.

Data Transparency

On floor display promotes collaboration, improves team synergy, and motivates.


Real-Time Data

Be proactive... use real-time sensor data  to head-off disruptions.

Measure Progress

Track machine utilization to maximize capacity.


Any Time Access

Maximize machine utilization with a dashboard view from any device.

"The simplest IIoT connection may boost your machine utilization by 35%."

- Practical Machinist


Yes, I'd like to increase my Manufacturing Output!

The MUT installs in minutes and cost $50/machine per month.  Start a 2 month trial today.