Your Machines Making Chips?
They Could be Making More.

A simple Machine Monitoring Solution that easily provides up time information in real-time from legacy and modern machines.

"The simplest IIoT connection may boost your machine utilization by 35%."

- Practical Machinist


Increase Margins

Increasing capacity drives revenue, lowers costs, and improves competitiveness.

Data Transparency

On floor displays promote collaboration, improve team synergy, and motivate.


Real-Time Data

Be proactive... use real-time sensor data  to head-off disruptions.

Measure Progress

Track machine utilization to maximize capacity.


Any Time Access

Maximize machine utilization with a dashboard view from any device.

Yes, I'd like to learn more about increasing Machine Up Time!

The MUT installs in minutes and cost $50/machine per month.  Start a 2 month trial today.